Georgia State Park Golf Courses
Hole by Hole Layout
Arrowhead Pointe Golf Course
Course Layout:
Holes 18 | Yards 6,788 | Rating 72.5 |
Slope 134 | Par 72
Arrowhead Pointe

Arrowhead Hole 1
Hole 1
Par 5
Yardage 520

Straightforward, uphill that will play longer.  Not reachable in 2 except for the longest hitters.  Wide fairway off the tee.  Keep your layup on the left side of the fairway for best angle to green/pin.

Arrowhead Hole 6
Hole 6
Par 4
Yardage 434

Slightly uphill.  Favor left side off tee for best approach to long, ridged green.  Beautiful golf hole along lake.  A taste of what's to come on the back nine.  Toughest hole on the front.

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Arrowhead Hole 2
Hole 2
Par 4
Yardage 408

Slight dogleg left.  Keep your tee shot on the right side of the fairway as the fairway slopes slightly right to left, but avoid the fairway bunker.  Don't go left.  The green is large so pay attention to pin location as there may be a 2 club difference from front to back.
Arrowhead Hole 7
Hole 7
Par 3
Yardage 184

Uphill that requires one or two more clubs depending on pin placement.  Par is a good score on this tough hole.
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Arrowhead Hole 3
Hole 3
Par 3
Yardage 179

Plays 1 to 2 clubs longer.  Important to get on right level of green.

Arrowhead Hole 8
Hole 8
Par 4
Yardage 352

Short par 4, slightly uphill dogleg right.  Aim your tee shot between the 150 yard marker and bunker for best approach to a two-tiered green that slopes back to front.

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Arrowhed Hole 4
Hole 4
Par 4
Yardage 386

Uphill par 4 and plays around 410.  Accuracy off the tee is vital.  Avoid fairway bunkers to right off the tee.  Check pin location, green is long front to back.
Arrowhead Hole 9
Hole 9
Par 4
Yardage 421

Straightaway that runs downhill off the tee and uphill to a large green with a bowl in the front third.  Don't hit past the 150 stake to avoid a downhill lie and the risk of hitting into a pond at the bottom of the hill.  One more club will be necessary on approach.

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Arrowhead Hole 5
Hole 5
Par 5
Yardage 564

Downhill, “S“ shaped hole.  Critical to get your tee shot to the corner of the first dogleg. Long hitters may hit fairway wood to avoid going too long.  Correct club selection on 2nd shot down the hill is vital to keep ball in fairway to hit approach shot into green that slopes back to front.

Arrowhead Hole 10
Hole 10
Par 5
Yardage 520

Slight dogleg right.  A fade off the tee will give an excellent opportunity to go for the green in two with a draw.  A layup to 100 yards is an excellent opportunity to birdie this hole as well.  A shotmaker's hole.
Arrowhead Hole 15
Hole 15
Par 3
Yardage 145

Club selection is a premium here.  Check the wind before choosing clubs.  A definite birdie opportunity.
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Arrowhead Hole 11
Hole 11
Par 4
Yardage 379

Avoid the bunker on the left of the fairway and the mounds on the right side.  A big draw off the tee will leave a short iron into the green.  The green is open to fly or run it onto the surface.
Arrowhead Hole 16
Hole 16
Par 5
Yardage 541

Plays longer.  Narrow fairway landing area.  The second shot should favor the right side of the fairway to avoid the traps on the left.
dotted line
Arrowhead Hole 12
Hole 12
Par 4
Yardage 415

A challenge that offers sweeping lake views and danger both left and right off the tee.  Favor the left side as missing on the right will kick the ball down a slope and bring a big number into the picture.  Reading the wind is critical on this hole.  Par is a wonderful score here.
Arrowhead Hole 17
Hole 17
Par 4
Yardage 397

A dogleg left that has danger in hitting too far.  A fairway wood off the tee is the choice here.  Hitting into grass bunkers  brings a big number into play.
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Arrowhead Hole 13
Hole 13
Par 3
Yardage 188

This hole may require an extra club depending on the pin placement.  Be on correct side of green, a 3 putt is a possibility if you're not.
Arrowhead Hole 18
Hole 18
Par 4
Yardage 426

A great finishing hole that plays much longer as it is all uphill.  Aim for the 150 yard marker and you will be in great shape.  Take 1 or 2 more clubs on your approach.  This hole requires two quality golf shots.  Good luck!
dotted line
Arrowhead Hole 14
Hole 14
Par 4
Yardage 403

This par 4 juts out into the lake and is a breathtaking hole.  Avoid a fairway bunker left and missing the fairway right requires a recovery shot back to the fairway.  Aim for the 150 yard marker.

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